[Ethiopia] YirgaCheffe Aricha, Natural Gr. 1, SM 2014 lot

以下文章譯自Sweet Maria's官方的介紹與杯測記錄,由翁宗睿同學翻譯。


Ethiopia Dry Process Gr. 1 Yirga Cheffe Aricha

衣索比亞耶加雪夫「愛瑞佳」咖啡豆 (日曬 G1 級)

Farm Description 農場描述

This is our selection from one station in the Aricha kebele in the Yirga Cheffe area. There are two coffee stations in close proximity here, and Koke is just up the road, very close to Yirga Cheffe town.

本次精選豆來自耶加雪夫的「愛瑞佳」社區*(註一),此處有兩個咖啡處理站,彼此緊鄰,大路另一頭就是 Koke 合作社,離耶加雪夫鎮很近。

The great thing with Aricha is Sweet Maria's has first selection of coffee from here, so I was able to choose this juicy lot while cupping in Ethiopia back in January.
選擇愛瑞佳產區的好處是 Sweet Maria’s 早有此地的首選貨供人參考,故打從一月份我還遠在衣索比亞作杯測時就選了這款美味的咖啡豆。

There's other Aricha coffee (it is an area east of Yirga Cheffe town, so I suppose a lot of coffees can borrow the name). But this is the actual Aricha station, and this is the nicest lot I could find from here ...and it is very, very nice.

It's a dry-processed coffee with intense fruited character, body and sweetness, and has received extra care in preparation (Grade 1) to exclude under-ripe coffee cherries.
這款日曬豆屬於耶加雪夫生豆的最高等級 G1 級,經過特別細心照料不含任何未熟豆,無論在稠度或甜味等面向都具有強烈的水果特性。

Dry-processing means that the coffee was not pulped (the outer skin removed) and fermented to remove the fruity mucilage layer. In dry processing, the coffee cherry is picked and laid out in raised "beds" in the sun, turning the red fruit to a deep brown color over the course of two weeks. After a storage period, the coffee seed is hulled out in one step, removing all the dried skin, fruit and parchment layers at the same time.

The Aricha was prepared to the standards for Grade 1, which means removing over-ripe and under-ripe cherries that can be seen in the final green coffee as with either shiny green silverskin coating the bean, or fermenty sour beans. This extra work improves the overall cup quality and consistency in roasting.
在愛瑞佳 G1 豆的最後處理階段會特別去除帶亮綠色種皮的未成熟豆*(註二)及過度酸酵的過熟豆,能大幅提高烘焙一致性和杯測品質。

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

[註一:kebele 是衣索比亞的最小行政單位,規模約略五百戶家庭(三千五百至四千人),大小近似於台灣的社區。]

Cupping Notes 杯測風味調性紀錄

This is a very fragrant coffee! It's a coffee you can smell throughout the house when you grind it. The fragrance has strong fruit scents of tropical flowers, passion fruit, dried peaches and mango, as well as mixed berry fruit salad. The sweetness has dried apricot, custard and caramel.


Adding hot water, the aromas are in the same vein, intense fruits and strong sweetness; lychee, berries, stone fruits, candied almonds. The cup is remarkable, with a berry syrup fruit character, cinnamon toast, pineapple and ripe citrus brightness, and a sweet butter finish.


With a darker roast treatment there are black currants and blueberry notes that emerge, with a drinking cocoa finish at Full City level.

The list of flavors we had from our test samples is too long to list; it's a complex coffee that inspires many, many descriptors. The general groupings involved syrupy fruited flavors, complex sugar-browning sweetness, some pleasantly bittering cocoa notes.. It's a fantastic cup if you like fruited dry-processed coffees.

Score 評分

Lot Size 批次份量
100 x 46 KG Bags
共 100 袋,每袋 46 公斤。

Roast Recommendations 建議烘焙程度
This coffee works at a wide range of levels from City to Full City + or darker, but the brighter jam-like fruited sweetness is going to be found with a well-developed lighter roast, around City+, and well before the coffee enters 2nd crack. That said, we loved FC roast too.


Processing 處理法
Dry Process 乾式處理法[註:日曬法]

Varietal 品種
Heirloom Varietals

Grade & Appearance 等級 & 外觀
Grade 1; .6 d/300 grams; 15-18 Screen
G1 級,每 300 公克生豆有六個缺陷扣分單位,粒徑 15 至 18 目。
[註:衣索比亞豆共五級,G1 至 G5]

Packaging 包裝
Shipped to us in GrainPro
抵達時以 GrainPro 超密封種子袋包裝


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